What is it?

International Virtual Societal Challenge (IVSC) is based on a transnational cross-campus exploration of global challenges and on an exchange of best practices through virtual challenge-based modules consisting in peer presentations in an international virtual class format.

The aim of the TRIP Intercultural Virtual Societal Challenge (IVSC) E-MODULE is to create at-home opportunities for students at all levels to critically explore key societal challenges and to empower them to contribute to positive change by involving them in Challenge-based learning (CBL) with peers from different cultural backgrounds and in digital upskilling. The two key areas of transversal upskilling are intercultural competence and communication skills and a range of digital skills. Throughout the E-MODULE, students are also encouraged to actively investigate these challenges from cross-cultural perspectives drawing on a wide and diverse range of sources and data, and to engage in independent research that involves dialogue with relevant community-based organisations.

What is it about?

The areas of thematic content included in the IVSC which were chosen relate to areas of societal challenge which are referred to in the UN SDGs: environment, gender equality, race equality and inclusion. The first three themes encompass transversal societal challenges that underscore the importance of inclusion as a fundamental aspect of societal progress and the need for an open-minded and accepting stance towards diversity. This approach allowed for related sub-themes to be focused on, as and where students' interests lay, in areas such as climate justice, environmental disasters, gender discrimination, and racism. The fourth theme of inclusion can be embraced as a unifying theme that encompasses multiple thematic areas in an intersectional manner.

What are its aims?

Through their active engagement in the IVSC E-MODULE, it is intended that students will develop transversal skills in areas such as critical thinking, intercultural understanding, research and digital literacy alongside as well as an enhanced capacity for openness, inter-cultural sensitivity, empathy and awareness of self and others.

Who can participate?

All civically engaged students (across undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD levels) who want to make a real contribution to civil society across the country span of TRIP.

More specifically, the Intercultural Virtual Societal Challenge (IVSC) E-Module provides opportunities for students from disadvantaged and displaced backgrounds, who are often unable to engage in mobility, to enhance their transversal skill set cross-institutionally. In the design of this module, we have also sought to promote civic and community engagement in recognition of the need to build on the capacity to find creative and innovative solutions to provide education through globally engaged civic institutions.